GE Washer Motor

GE Washer Motor

GE Washer Motor
Replacement Motor

Type Motor: 5KH61KW2516HS
This motor had a rectangular connector block with 6 contacts/wires, Replacement terminal or cut wires and connect color by color, exception orange or red & white  connected to red & white (lid switch)


Red  Motor               Motor # 7 Connect to:  Red harness
Violet White              Motor # 3 Connect to:  Violet White harness
Dark Blue Motor       Motor # 6 Connect to:  Dark. Blue harness
White  Motor             Motor # 6 Connect to:  White harness
Yellow  Motor            Motor # 2 Connect to:  Yellow harness

Red & White or Orange  Motor # 1 Connect to: 
Red & White or Orange washer harness lid switch

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